Thursday August 5, 2021

LTO (Live To Offend)

The American Eric Penelow worked with the graphic artist Khyzyl Saleem the enterprise Life To Offend, or LTO for short. The team has set itself the goal of actually turning some of Khyzyl's digital ideas into reality in the form of corresponding body kits. And this has already been achieved impressively with several vehicles. Number 1 was the prototype LTO BMW E30, which was built with the help of various project partners within just a few months for the then SEMA Show 2018. Life To Offend works under the motto: "Cars are a metal diary, nobody needs to like or understand it except you alone". LTO goes on to say: "Building a car that is a reflection of yourself should always be your first goal.“And that's what LTO and the sometimes controversial designs are all about. According to its own statement, LTO wants to offer something new and fresh to the automotive world and so far it has succeeded impressively. In addition to building the vehicles, LTO (as of 03.2021) also has a small collection of clothing at the start. More about the company can be found on