Saturday 18th September 2021

mariani car styling

The Company mariani car styling from Kalletal near Hannover fulfills almost every tuning wish. As the experts on the company's website say, from A like exhaust to V like V-Max, Mariani Car Styling offers everything that pleases car enthusiasts. Not only is every customer request individually conceived and implemented, the experts from mariani Car-Styling also take care of the acceptance of the tuning measure by TÜV during the implementation. No matter if sport exhaust system, chip tuning, chassis modification or a set of new rims. The measures are not only tailored individually and perfectly to the vehicle of the customer, but also accepted and registered at the TÜV, so that the tuning experience then nothing stands in the way. The conceptions range from the family suit, to the small car with rally genes, to the noble sports car. No vehicle class that mariani Car-Styling experts could not improve and tailor to their needs to achieve the perfect car and customer result. Especially if you are the proud owner of one Mercedes-Benz are. For more information, visit the website or ours Special for the 35th anniversary.