The company Modellista has focused on the tuning of vehicles of the brand Toyota but also offers concepts for vehicles of other Asian manufacturers, especially for Branch on. The focus is on the development and implementation of body kits of any kind. Also happy with special effects. As a special highlight, the grille can be a closed front in the form of a screen. However, concepts of this kind are more likely to be found in the field of fair vehicles and - still - not released for the market. The body kits developed and installed by Modellista look almost futuristic and sometimes give the impression of a completely new vehicle. The experts and designers of these tuning kits attach great importance to an individual design, which they have succeeded in the past without exception and high quality standards. For the European market, the often very massive body kits seem almost exaggerated, but certainly catch the eye of every passerby and beauty is well known in the eye of the beholder. There is more about the company

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