Mugen (M-TEC)

Autotuning is only possible with a good car tuner that provides appropriate parts for a professional tuning. A well-known tuning provider is the company M-TEC from Japan. M-TEC developed in the year 2004 from the company Mugen. The company Mugen went bankrupt after a tax scandal in the year 2003. Mugen (M-TEC) is Japanese and stands for boundlessness or infinity. The name Mugen can still be found in the M of M-TEC. M-TEC is a Japanese producer of Honda-Equipment. Sporting accessories for Honda vehicles are distributed by M-TEC worldwide. The company Mugen has also been producing Formula 1 engines for several years and is also working closely with Honda. The company Mugen was founded in the year 1973 by the oldest son of the Honda founder. The company M-TEC still produces coveted parts for vehicle tuning today. In addition, M-TEC also develops electric drive systems for an e-motorbike. Further information on M-TEC is available on the company website itself. More about Mugen is the Internet. There is more about the company

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