NATS (Nihon Automobile College)

The students from NATS (Nihon Automobile College) always build the craziest vehicles and are known far beyond the national borders of Japan. Anyone who gets a place there as a student can be proud of belonging to a particularly elite circle in Japan. In addition to the usual curriculum, the crazy project vehicles are always an absolute highlight of the Nihon Automotive College. Whether it's a Nissan GT-R convertible, a Toyota Supra convertible or perhaps an electric vehicle with a future in mind, students can make their dreams come true and even contribute to the research and development of the Japanese automotive industry. And so it is not surprising that projects such as the "NATS EV-Sports Prototype01" from 2011 or the "NATS EV-Sports Prototype02" from 2013 have repeatedly won prizes, such as the Custom Car W Award at the Tokyo Auto Salon. It will be interesting to see what else will be presented in the years to come. Of course, the college is not a "tuner" in that sense, but the vehicles definitely fit into our category. There is more about the company