Tuesday July 27, 2021

OCC - Osprey Custom Cars

Your dream, our team ...! This is the credo of the tuner Osprey Custom Cars (OCC for short). It also says on the website: “Have you always dreamed of owning your own unique vehicle? At Osprey Custom Cars we offer the option of building the perfect vehicle for you, or you can choose an already completed “custom car”. Make your dream come true - TODAY! " The company from sunny Wilmington (NC) unequivocally expresses that customized vehicles according to customer requirements are the main task of OCC and reflect the passion of the tuner. You are not afraid of large projects, which are exhibited at the SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas, for example, but by no means do you value only a large audience. The handover of the new vehicle on site in a small group is also important to the tuner. After all, OCC has been a family-run company from the start, which is particularly down-to-earth and customer-oriented. There is more about the company ospreycustomcars.com.