Performmaster GmbH

The performmaster GmbH is located near Stuttgart. The tuner has been on performance upgrade of all current Mercedes- Specialized in AMG models. Performmaster has developed a PEC module that, in contrast to the controversial “chip tuning”, functions as a second control unit. The installation of the module is simple and straightforward. Tailored to Mercedes-AMG models. How does the PEC module work? In a first step, all specific data such as engine speed, speed, exhaust and oil temperatures, air mass, etc. are monitored. The relevant values ​​are revised and optimized by the module. This leads to a significant increase in performance and the cancellation of the Vmax. Performmaster offers a comprehensive parts certificate and guarantee. So the customer does not have to worry about the registration with the TÜV. What is the result? The AMG GTS sports car is a stunner from the factory: 522 hp, 670 Newton meters of torque, and a top speed of 310 km / h. With the PEC autotuning, the power increases to 612 PS, 780 Newton meters of torque press the driver into the seat and it only stops at 330 km / h. There is more about the company