Piecha design

The German tuning company Piecha Design from Schwenningen has not primarily committed itself to any brand and processes all projects with absolute precision and a great deal of sensitivity. When auto-tuning a good old Mercedes-Benz, all the skills that are available are taken from the repertoire and brought into the project. Care is always taken to ensure that the brand itself is not falsified, but that the type is always recognizable. Everyone Mercedes-Benz, for example, is optimized as far as originality allows. The girls and boys from Piecha Design always leave their personal fingerprints on their projects, so that you can immediately see who was at work. What you can expect here is high-quality work, carried out with a great sense of responsibility and sensitivity. The girls and boys from Piecha Design are not only popular with Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts. There is more about the company piecha.com.