Performance software upgrade for Polestar 2 as download!

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Polestar 2 Performance Software Upgrade Performance software upgrade for Polestar 2 as download!

Polestar has released a performance software upgrade for the Polestar 2 Long Range Dual Motor in select European markets. With the software upgrade, Polestar is transferring its tuning legacy to its own electric cars for the first time. It has already been enthusiastically received by the owners of the Polestar 2 - over 400 upgrades have been downloaded in the first few weeks of availability since the end of November. Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar: "The upgrade shows how connected technologies can transform the relationship between an automaker and its customers. We are really proud of the driving experience in the Polestar 2. It's already so much fun to drive the car, but with this upgrade we can offer even more to customers looking for a little more excitement."

Performance software upgrade

Polestar was founded as a racing team in the late 1990s and the genetics of high-performance tuning is still very present in the DNA of the modern electric vehicle. The upgrade, which was presented in 2021 in the experimental Polestar 2 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, increases the output of the already powerful twin-engine drive train by 50 kW and 20 Nm to a total of 350 kW (476 PS) and 680 Nm.

Polestar 2 display tuning software Performance software upgrade for Polestar 2 as download!

The higher reaction speed also leads to a sportier driving experience overall, and the sprint time from 0-100 km / h is reduced to 4,4 seconds. The additional power and torque are available as a “boost” in the range between 70 and 130 km / h, which leads to even faster acceleration in the medium speed range. Acceleration from 80 to 120 km / h takes only 2,2 seconds, which is half a second faster than in the production vehicle.

All-wheel drive performance is increased

Since Polestar is already contributing its technical know-how to some Volvo hybrid vehicles as part of the existing Polestar Engineered Performance Software Tuning division, this also opens up new possibilities for fully electric vehicles and enables enthusiastic Polestar 2 drivers to increase the performance of the all-wheel drive and even more enjoy a more intense driving experience. The upgrade is offered to customers whose vehicles are designed for this purpose in the Polestar Extras webshop as a software download and transferred to the Polestar 2 via an over-the-air update. The possibility of online purchase and remote installation underscores Polestar's expertise in the increasingly digital automotive world. Photo credit: Polestar

Polestar 2 Performance Software Upgrade 2 Performance Software Upgrade for Polestar 2 as download!

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ntv Polestar Car Entertainment 310x165 Performance software upgrade for Polestar 2 as download!

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Video Streaming App Polestar 2 310x165 Performance software upgrade for Polestar 2 as download!

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