Saturday 25th September 2021

Powered by Johan

Johan Eriksson is one of the most qualified tuners in Sweden. You know his famous cars at almost every motor show. Under the motto “Dear child has many names” (a dear child has many names), Johan creates absolutely unique pieces by hand. In Sweden, and especially in the town, Johan is better known as "Volvo Johan" or "Viper- or Charger-Johan" and other nicknames. Over the years he has received this from various organizations. Johan was fascinated by everything that had an engine since he was a child and began to convert both motorcycles and mopeds and later cars at a young age. Among other things, Johan won the Elmia Styling Price in 1994 with a heavily modified Mercedes 300 Coupé from 1988. He grew up in the Swedish county of Värmland and has always had the desire for American muscle cars. Especially from Mopar with the big engines and compressors. Johan already has several inexpensive Tuning vehicles built in different categories, but it is the heavily converted cars that have attracted attention in recent years. It will be interesting to see what will come next.