PS saddlery (Halverscheid & Grocholl OHG)

The team at PS-Sattlerei (Halverscheid & Grocholl OHG) has always had a passion for cars and motorcycles. So it's no wonder that founder Dennis Halverscheid created a company out of it. After all, from childhood he enthusiastically worked on anything that had two or four wheels. However, the road to having your own car upholstery is a long one. While the first idea of ​​setting up your own saddlery came about in a garage, a lot has happened since then. It all began with an old Mercedes that was painstakingly built to perfection. It was the basis for the first orders and impressed with perfect quality and first-class craftsmanship. Shortly afterwards the company was founded and enjoyed its own saddlery with shop and external hall connection. And just a year later you had to expand. The new company headquarters is now a little outside of Dortmund and offers more space to concentrate on becoming more and more well-known as an exclusive interior refiner. More about the company is on