Reiter Engineering

A Lamborghini tune? Is that really possible? Yes, it works, with modifications by Reiter Engineering. The company, which 2000 was founded by racing engineer Hans Reiter, refines not only Lamborghinis, but also a Camaro that becomes Sareni and an X-BOW from KTM. But road approval is sometimes quite difficult, because Reiter has specialized in car tuning by Reiter Engineering to make its own mobile pedestal fit for the racetrack. Especially for the GT3, as well as for the GT4, modifications can be made by tuning. With this product portfolio, the company has been enthusing customers across the globe since 15 years. But if you do not like the models, then the company also develops its own customized car. Reiter Engineering takes over the full service from the development on the computer, over the production in the workshop up to the testing on the racetrack. With vehicles from Reiter Engineering is guaranteed in any case a great driving pleasure and rapid action.