Wednesday 20th October 2021

ring Brothers

Anyone interested in tuning classic US vehicles will not miss the Ringbrothers. Based in Wisconsin's tranquil Spring Green, the vehicle refiner and parts supplier has grown from the typical barn workshop to a household name on the American and international tuning market. The custom cars of the Ringbrothers are regularly represented at auto shows and in specialist magazines and show what is possible through loving car tuning everything. In addition to the classic muscle cars of Chevrolet & Co. restores and refines well-known European sports cars such as B. the DeTomaso Pantera. The Ringbrothers workshop offers everything from conventional repairs to damage caused by accidents, through purely optical modifications, to sophisticated performance tuning, all of the services that car enthusiasts require. In addition, the company has specialized in the production of high quality accessories as well as individual body parts made of carbon and fiberglass. Every US car owner can give their vehicle a unique look. There is more about the company