Roadster Shop

For more than 25 years, the company has been producing vehicle chassis for StreetRods and MuscleCars like the Chevrolet Camaro Rampage. Here, too, the company's focus is on design, technology and innovation. The chassis are, according to their own statements, industry leaders and, according to their own statements, outperform any available vehicle chassis on the market. The vehicle chassis are not only developed in-house, but also extensively tested. Roadster Shop's products have a reputation in the scene for being able to keep up with super sports cars available on the market in acceleration, braking and slalom tests. In addition, the experts also develop chassis and suspension for almost every type of muscle car and street rod. The services also include the creation of complete vehicles, which benefit from the fact that the individual components are optimally matched to one another during development and thus harmonize perfectly. The extensive range is completed by the production of prototypes and concept cars, which can be commissioned from the company from Mundelein, Illinois. More about the company can be found on

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