Thursday 21st October 2021

RTR Vehicles

RTR Vehicles' auto tuners specialize in upgrading the popular Ford Mustang. The professional drift driver and founder Vaughn Gittin Jr recognized already in the year 2007 that regarding the individual optics with the performance vehicle of Ford there is a gap in the market. In 2009 the first Mustang RTR was created by the Maryland car tuning company. Due to the impressive success, the Ford Company decided to enter into a business relationship with RTR Vehicles. Meanwhile, locations all over the world are supplied. RTR stands for “Ready to Rock!”. With this slogan the tuning company wants to inspire customers who want to stand out from the crowd with their sports car. Personal appreciation is a particular success criterion. The American car tuners passionately convey their emotions for motorsport in order to trigger the same feelings in customers. The result is a mix of aggressive yet stylish vehicle elements. A modern twist on unique designs. In addition to the Mustang RTR, the powerful F-150 is also equipped. More about the company is on