Salvaggio car design

The Salvaggio Auto Design team is established in the field of so-called Restomod vehicles and also through projects in cooperation with the SpeedKore Performance Group known. Wisconsin resident Dave Salvaggio was born into an Italian family involved in automotive design, racing, and automotive engineering since 1919. He founded the company in 2003 and currently (as of 2022) holds five patents for carbon manufacturing processes. As a vehicle builder, he has been responsible for a number of award-winning SEMA muscle cars since 2006. His goal is to build vehicles that combine the best design, modern components and the visions of the customer. They use modern techniques such as CAD design, 3D printing, carbon fiber production and much more. Vehicle design is led by designer Sean Smith. There is more about the company

Carbon Monster - 1970 Dodge Charger Partner Project

The two teams around the previously unknown tuner Salvaggio Automotive Design and the SpeedKore Performance Group (specializes in the production of lightweight composite materials) have just published their new joint project. A 1970 Dodge Charger came into consideration as the basis. After the tuning cure the ...

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