Tuesday August 3, 2021

SIGNal Design GmbH

SIGNal Design is one of the largest German fleet markers. With the area of ​​car wrapping, the company, based in Schwäbisch Hall, has an exclusive factory that works optimally without dust and with ideal climatic conditions. Wrapping Exklusiv offers a personal, qualified project manager who, in consultation with the customer, coordinates the use of the wrapping specialists who rely on high-performance films from well-known manufacturers. SIGNal Design was founded on March 01.03.1998st, XNUMX by Markus Schaeffler, who, after completing his training as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk, started his own business in advertising technology and expanded the company into a specialist in fleet lettering, branch lettering and promotional items. There is more about the company signal-design.de.