The company Startech develops a comprehensive refinement program for the vehicles Bentley, Jaguar, Maserati and Land Rover, Startech products are all tested and certified by TÜV. In addition, the products are manufactured according to the guidelines of the ISO 9001 quality standard. Since 1999, the company is a part of the Brabus-Group. The company offers an exclusive finishing of British automobiles and a sporty, elegant design. The Starch tuning guarantee is also unique. Proof of the highest quality therefore guarantees a 3-year guarantee over a distance of 100.000 kilometers. In order to achieve your individual dream car, Startech leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to car tuning. From the outside, the company refines with first-class aerodynamic and sporty, elegant exterior parts. The high-quality tires with a maximum diameter of 23 inches currently refine the appearance of the vehicle immensely. An individual interior of the automobile is a special focus. Thanks to its own upholstery shop, Startech produces masterfully crafted interiors. The materials used here include Alcantara and leather. Precision and passion at work are Startech's highest principles. There is more about the company

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