SVO (Special Vehicle Operations)

SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) - the specialist from the house Land Rover, responsible for the tuning of the company's own vehicles, is probably the ultimate in what can be changed on a Land Rover vehicle. This does not only apply to the performance aspects of the aforementioned vehicles, but also relates to the design. Design in connection with vehicles from England always also means luxury. This is exactly where the attraction lies. The SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) team consciously wants to push the limits of performance, luxury and usability in order to create unique vehicles. In the area of ​​luxury expansion, only the highest quality and finest materials are used, creating a unique ambience that such a luxury experience cannot be surpassed. In the area of ​​performance, the developers at SVO are concerned with unique performance values ​​that must be available at all times and still convey a balanced driving experience. This combination of the performance values ​​of a sports car and the comfort of a executive limousine is what drives the developers. 

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