Thursday 23rd September 2021

Switzer performance

Switzer Performance was founded by 2007 and describes itself as the birthplace of the world's ultimate road race car. Based on popular sports car models such as the Porsche 997 or the Nissan R35 GTR builds Switzer Performance exclusive and limited-edition high-performance vehicles. Switzer Performance is not limited to a tuning range, such as the engine, but employs a variety of specialists, among others, in the fields of mechanics, software development and aerodynamics. In the United States, more precisely in Oberlin, Ohio, very exclusive sports cars from the American tuning scene are created. So Switzer could already win numerous prices with the aforementioned cars. For example, numerous victories in the "Moscow Unlim 500 +" a race for high-class cars, in which speeds beyond the 360 km / h are not uncommon. But also the other award-winning participations should make true Tuningfans rave about. Texas Mile, Miami Mile and many other events of the supertuning scene are on Switzer book.