Storage of air spring systems: you have to pay attention to this!

Air spring systems are no longer only installed in luxury vehicles. Because only this technology offers the greatest possible comfort while driving with maximum safety reserves. Finally, the pressure in the air struts adapt to the respective vehicle condition (loaded/unloaded) and the driving situation. But at some point, even the best suspension system will show signs of wear and the components will need to be replaced. With the B4 air spring modules and B3 air springs, BILSTEIN offers workshops the perfect spare parts at OE level. "Replacement is usually very easy provided you follow the installation guidelines," explains Dimitris Kouvaras, Global Training Manager. However, the correct handling of the components begins in the warehouse. If you pay attention to two or three things here, you will ensure that the new spare part will do its “work” reliably for many years.

BILSTEIN checklist

The first point is quickly dealt with: So may air springs or modules are not stored below -15 °C and above 50 °C, which is relatively easy to ensure in our latitudes. In the case of pre-filled air springs and modules, BILSTEIN uses nitrogen, which escapes much more slowly than normal air, but the products do not have an unlimited shelf life, even in the perfect temperature corridor. When unpacking the air springs and modules, it is therefore essential to observe the specified expiry date; it can be found on the packaging near the article number.

"However, workshops do not suffer any economic damage from expired air spring products," says Kouvaras reassuringly: "They can be sent back to BILSTEIN as returns, where they will be checked and refilled." However, affected workshops should first contact their supplier or the BILSTEIN internal sales department on the number + Contact 49 2333 791-4444. A storable replacement is then procured. After installation, the expiry date is no longer relevant, since the vehicle's own compressor ensures the correct air pressure from this point in time.

Do not install a spring strut that is too short

Before installation, however, another important aspect should be considered, which only affects air suspension modules. This means measuring the maximum length as specified in the installation guidelines. The following applies: A spring strut that is too short must not be installed. And last but not least, because it happens again and again in practice: never take a removed shock absorber with you compressed air fill up. The BILSTEIN Academy provides many other important tips on the subject of air suspension in its free face-to-face and online training courses. Photo credit: ThyssenKrupp Bilstein GmbH

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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