Monday April 12, 2021


TH automobiles

TH AUTOMOBILE is a true German car tuning provider. It is a car start-up in Berlin, which produces custom-made in real craftsmanship. TH AUTOMOBILE is on the tuning of VW Multivans (especially T5 / T6) with drive technology and suspension technology from Porsche specialized. For more than two years, the company's developers have been working on their exceptional rear-engine technology to build reliable multivans with rear and four-wheel drive. The result is cars that are not only dynamic, but also significantly more reliable than most other tuned vehicles. This certainly has to do not only with the high development effort, but also with the large number of similar modifications that have been and are being made by TH AUTOMOBILE. It's just not about experience. However, thanks to the handmade craftsmanship, every car manufactured by TH is a real one-off that you can rightly be proud of. Currently, TH offers three different models. But in the future it is certainly to be expected with an expansion of the selection.