Totem Cars

Totem Cars (Totem Automobili) builds vehicles by hand. As of 2020, the Totem GT electric is the only model from the Italian manufacturer. Totem Automobili is an Italian start-up founded by Riccardo Quaggio, an Italian car designer. His passion for vehicles, especially historical ones, has roots in his family, which, according to his own admission, gave him the “fine taste for legendary cars” as a child. In 2018 his exclusive project began, guided by his passion for the past and inspired by a vision of the technological and emission-free future. The guide is a redefinition of the greatest legendary Italian cars. The Totem Giulia GT electric has the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA as a template, even builds on it and reinterprets the revived design of the classic. The iconic soul should even be fully preserved after the renovation. Thanks to advanced electrical engineering, however, performance is improved in all areas for the successful path into the future. More about the company is on

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