TRD (Toyota Racing Development)

TRD (Toyota Racing Development) is Toyota's in-house company, responsible for the tuning of all Toyota and Lexus models. They have been involved in racing, for example at NASCAR, for about 40 years and since the 90s, private customers can also benefit from the company's experience in auto tuning. TRD pursues the goal of optimizing road vehicles in terms of engine performance and optics and also represents Toyota in matters of motorsport. For normal customers, entire vehicles are available which have been optimized by TRD, as well as tuning parts such as spoilers, body kits or optimized engine parts. Exhausts and exhaust systems with cat, rims, brakes or even improved clutches or differentials are particularly popular. Automatic controls from TRD can also improve the sportiness of the vehicle. For the engine, TRD (Toyota Racing Development) offers various air, oil and fuel filters, as well as improved air intakes to increase engine performance. Especially in the high-priced area of ​​the tuning scene, TRD is indispensable, as it has massively shaped motor sport at Toyota. There is more about the company

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