Turbo Center Berlin

The tuning company Turbozentrum Berlin lives up to its location. We are in the capital, where there is everything for everyone. It is exactly the same with the Turbozentrum Berlin. Not only classic car tuning is offered here, but also completely different aspects are considered. The team sees the vehicle as a whole, in which all areas must be covered. So it's not just about a lot of horsepower under the hood, the most blatant foiling or the most luxurious interior. Safety, stability and longevity are principles that the Turbozentrum Berlin lives and incorporates into its work. Safety precautions are taken in every respect, which protect both people and the material from damage when heating through the area. The car itself, the mechanics and electronics should be kept stable and reliable performance should be provided. The Turbo Center Berlin creates survivors who look at least as artistic, blatant or sporty as classic tuned vehicles. Longevity and performance are guaranteed here! There is more about the company turbozentrum.de.