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What have the recently presented Wheelsandmore S-Class with brute 792PSthat is even crazier 855PS RENNtech E-Class or else, putting everything in the shade, HOONICORN RTR Ver. 2 Ford Mustang with 1.400PS together? They all don't have "only “get a chip tuning installed, but on these vehicles, a (or two) new turbochargers installed, which are capable of significantly more than the series parts. Ok, we certainly don't have to talk about series parts at RTR because there was never a 1965 Mustang with turbocharging, by the way, not with all-wheel drive 😉 For those of you who want more than just the usual 20-30% more power, for We have now found something -> namely the guys from the TurboZentrum in Berlin.

Finally a provider that does not go from the light bulb to the replacement motor allegedly can deliver, install and configure everything, but has specialized in a specific topic - increasing the performance of engines!! As already mentioned above, at this point we would like to focus on the offer to optimize the turbocharger. The tuner calls the process as OST what for optimized series turbocharger stands. In practice, this means that the standard turbocharger receives a new, milled compressor wheel that has been improved in flow and is also lighter than the standard one. In addition, there is a special plain bearing installed, which has a special coating with the best dry-running properties. The result is much better performance and, moreover, an extended lifespan. You can choose from two options. Stage 1 and Stage 2!

Precision is the top priority

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OST Stage 1

turbo center berlin tuning optimization tuning blog 5Here the turbocharger gets an optimized bearing for more durability. Optimization of the compressor wheel is also included and ensures better performance. Programming the control unit with the optimized turbocharger is not necessary. The component behaves absolutely close to series production and can also be serviced accordingly. For vehicles with chip tuning, this variant is the ideal addition and brings up to 15% more efficiency.

OST Stage 2 turbocharger 1The stage 2 optimization is less different than stage 1 than one might assume. Ultimately, the difference lies in the size of the new compressor wheel. TurboZentrum calculates which compressor wheel fits into the compressor housing and, of course, ensures that the housing and turbocharger harmonize with each other. The possible difference in size naturally depends on the feasibility of the respective turbocharger and can be requested from the tuner for Stage 2 optimizations that have already been made. A highlight is definitely the fact that the compressor housing is elaborately machined using a 5-axis CNC process in order to create the necessary space. The Stage 2 optimization enables significantly higher performance so that the electronics, in contrast to Stage 1, must be adapted to it. Possible further modifications cannot be ruled out with this measure either. But if so, then already!

TurboZentrum GmbH is definitely the right contact for those who absolutely want to achieve that certain something in extra performance. Almost every day we report on about vehicles of all kinds that are equipped with chip tuning. Basically, if we know the series performance before the chip tuning is actually implemented, it is possible for us to know how many more PS & NM will be on paper in the end. This is not an art either, because in over 90% of cases you can expect between 20-30% more power using chip tuning with a charged engine. However, a vehicle would come with it Turbo center loader on the test stand the whole thing looks significantly different. In addition to the usual increase in performance, Stage 1 alone adds up to 15%, and Stage 2 increases this value significantly. For us it is clear -> if there is an increase in performance then please do exactly THAT! We have already linked the provider's website above in the text and recommend that you take a look at it. In addition to the mentioned optimizations, many other services related to the topic of performance enhancement are available and explained in detail. Check it out. PS: You can find even more information in our large turbocharger special!

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