Underground racing

Underground Racing is a tuning specialist from North Carolina, USA. The company offers interested customers active support in the customization of sports cars. Here, UR starts only there with the tuning, where others have already given up. The tuner specializes in rebuilding cars on BiTurbo. Here Underground Racing shines with a lot of experience. This allows the company to get the maximum performance out of a car like that Lamborghini Get a Huracan, an Audi R8 or an Aventador. Good handling and exclusive style are also part of UR. The provider specializes in the conversion of Lamborghini, Audi but also on the manufacturer Ferrari. But underground racing also enhances others. The tuner built the "X Versoin" of the Lamborghini Huracán and thus holds (as of 04.2019) the world record with 413,5 km / h on half a mile. Customers can also buy pre-built cars or contact the company for individual car tuning. Underground Racing is active on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Interested parties can find additional videos and news articles on the company's website. Interested parties can get a lot of inspiration in the picture gallery. There is more about the company undergroundracing.com.