Volkswagen R GmbH

Like the well-known performance factory tuners AMG, M or Audi Sport, Volkswagen of course also has a department for particularly sporty vehicles at the start. Namely the Volkswagen R GmbH. This is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG and the automobile manufacturer of the Volkswagen R models. Volkswagen R GmbH is based in the Warmenau district of Wolfsburg. The majority of Volkswagen R GmbH products are currently (as of 2021) sold in around 70 countries. Volkswagen R GmbH was founded in March 2010 as the company's sports label and has since replaced Volkswagen Individual GmbH, which existed up to that point in time and was founded in spring 2003. Volkswagen R GmbH's products in the field of automobiles are the Golf, Passat and Scirocco models. In addition to the R models, there are also brands Volkswagen Exclusive and R-Line, which are also classified by us in this category. Volkswagen Exclusive stands for an individual and R-Line for a particularly sporty equipment. More about the company can be found on