VELOS Designwerk

Whether Italian sports car or a BMW, with the manufacturer and tuner VELOS Designwerk succeeds tuning easier than ever. But it needs some money. Because VELOS Designwerk claims a lot when it comes to good polishing. It starts with good rims and ends with a powerful engine. Here, the interested party from the beginning can understand what good autotuning means. Even sports cars like one Acura or Maserati which do not need any refining, come at their expense. Cars that have far more than 700 PS, then just belong to the program. So the Tuningschmiede VELOS Design works addressed to all, who want more. Even if some cars look discreet from the outside, they can prove more powerful inwards. At the latest when the engine is started, differences become clear. It does not take much to go through as a tuning master. But what sets VELOS Designwerk apart day after day is always worth a look.

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