Versus Performance

Since the year 2000 Versus ennobled performance BMWs and MiniVehicles and optimizes them. The expert team of this company takes care of all available models of BMW and Mini. The areas of optics and performance enable maximum perfection, elegance and fine-tuning. Versus Performance offers the very best in vehicle tuning: To increase performance, chassis technology and styling, vehicle technologies for your BMW or Mini are offered at the highest level. You will receive an individual and customized autotuning, so that an excellent result is achieved according to your wishes, requirements and ideas. For vehicle refinement, Versus Performance uses only high-quality alloy wheels from well-known, established manufacturers. Thanks to the in-house powder coating system, special colors and wishes for the rims are possible. In addition, Versus Performance enables performance enhancements through chip tuning or additional engine control units. In addition, first-class chassis technology, exhaust technology, carbon technology and the powder coating of vehicle parts deserve special mention. It is also noteworthy that in the year 2017 the tuner from Sport Auto Tuner GP was awarded the first place in the categories BMW M2 Coupe as overall fastest BMW.

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