Tuesday April 13, 2021


It is a specialty of the VOS GmbH to reinterpret icons under the automobiles individually, so that first-class individual pieces emerge. The managing director is Ralf Espenhain and the company is based in Neckarwestheim (Germany). The name VOS stands for Vision of Speed ​​and this name is program for this company. The cars upgraded by VOS GmbH are characterized by a significant increase in performance at high speeds. Exhaust systems, tires, alloy wheels, lighting, interior and complete finishing are just some of the many offers of VOS GmbH. The company believes that all vehicles have individual characteristics and their own character. Accordingly, it is a prerequisite for autotuning to know all facets of each automobile. In addition, the tuning of the vehicles is added Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW and Mercedes performed. When refining automobiles, technical perfection and convenient everyday usability are of great importance. Thus, the customer can rely on a sporty noble design with simultaneous comfort.