Thursday 16rd September 2021

Weineck engine construction & exclusive vehicles

If there is a tuning company that stands for resilience and steadfastness, then it's the girls and guys from Weineck in Bad Gandersheim. The owned by cars Christian Weineck gives for all engines built by him a steadfastness guarantee, which are also like to be tested in the acid test. His engines are actually not just found in racing cars or other power carts. They are also found in powerboats and flying boats, which speaks for high quality. So if there is someone out there who thinks he is particularly hard and needs a corresponding engine, he would like to make representations to Christian Weineck and try his luck! Likewise, the company Weineck sees itself as a specialist for classic US power cars such as the Cobra, So who has his preferences here, will also come at his expense. Autotuning here means power in its most primitive and raw form, with the sound of the engine sounding like the roar of a rampaging saber-toothed tiger in the days of our ancient ancestors.