Tuesday, December 5, 2023

West Coast Customs

Anyone who remembers MTV in the years 2004 -2007, the West Coast Customs are definitely a concept. The tuning company is native to Burbank, California. This is where unique autotuning creations were created by turning scrap wagons into the purest luxury sledges with all sorts of gadgets. From moving cinemas, to hot tubs built into vehicles, to James Bond-inspired cars that provided bells and whistles to all potential agents. Accordingly, the West Coast Customs have much experience in the field of the extraordinary and extravagant. For people with a lot of creativity here is definitely something to offer. But CEO Ryan Friedlinghaus swears not only on the special work of his girls and boys. Similarly, the classic tuning art is not neglected. No matter if it's about spicing up engines, chip tuning, new rims or much more. The West Coast Customs have ideas, possibilities or alternatives for everyone, and indeed for every wish. As famous as the team is, so competent is it. There is more about the company westcoastcustoms.com.