Sunday 18th April 2021

Wolf Racing

Optimize yours Ford and improve its design with successful car tuning - Wolf Racing does the work for you, according to your ideas. At Wolf, 100 percent is not enough. The pursuit of the great company is for better results. Accordingly, the tuner has stood for high performance since 1979. Due to its more than 30 years of motorsport experience, Wolf Racing offers a wide range of tuning for current Ford models through to Ford variants from the early 90s. The company is one of the world's leading Ford tuners. You can therefore expect extremely high quality Made in Germany. This tuner gets everything out of your Ford. The services offered by Wolf Racing are initially the best possible increase in performance. In addition, there are complete wheels and rims, sports exhaust systems, suspension kits and interior fittings, entirely according to your ideas and wishes. Also to be emphasized are aerodynamics and styling, accessories and accessories and classic restoration. Accordingly, this first-class tuner offers all imaginable services for the Ford brand. More about the company is on