Wednesday 27th October 2021


The tuning company Yiannimize has a definite passion that is clearly presented-look. This does not mean, of course, the newest glasses or contact lenses, but the look of neatly carved-up carts. Again, many different aspects play a crucial role, and that's exactly what the girls and boys from Yiannimize understood. Accordingly, in each autotuning the individual character of the customer and the vehicle is taken into account and included in the work. Everything is possible, from the right paintwork and foils, to small, optical changes, to complete revisions and refinements of the interior. The company advertises using only the best materials, which are processed by long-standing and competent employees. And exactly this promise is respected in every work. One can therefore assume that this future-oriented company still has some surprises in store that the community can count on. Many a company that seems inconspicuous at first glance should never be underestimated, as well as this one!

Video: Lamborghini Urus & Aventador S with chrome foil

Lamborghini Urus Aventador S chrome foil Yiannimize 310x165 Video: Lamborghini Urus & Aventador S with chrome foil

In the British tuning scene, the Yiannimize team is certainly one of the most famous tuners of all. Known for spectacular foiling, for example, we have already presented an ultra-fat Vorsteiner GTRS4 M4 and also the crazy E46 M3 project with remote control from Yiannimize. And now comes something new that ...

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