Monday, 23. November 2020


Roller Tuning - Interesting facts about upper performance limits, operating permits and insurance protection

Scooter Tuning Scooter Tuning 310x165 Scooter Tuning - Useful information about performance limits, operating license and insurance protection

As with cars, performance-enhancing tuning also promises more driving fun with scooters. However, scooter owners have to consider a few things so that the increase in speed does not have a negative impact on the traffic offenders record and insurance coverage. Otherwise there is a risk of heavy fines, driving license revocation and costly claims for damages. Elementals ...

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Short-term license plate insurance - ideal for one-day registrations!

Burnout instructions Kavalierstart 310x165 short-term license plate insurance optimal for daily registrations!

[Advertisement] A temporary registration number can be requested from the local registration office. Various documents are required to receive a temporary registration number. In addition to an identity card or passport (including registration certificate), a vehicle registration document and an eVB number must be available. Companies need further documents, such as the business registration. ...

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