7-inch wireless CarPlay and wireless Android Auto touchscreen

This CarPlay screen from carabc According to the manufacturer, it is designed to revolutionize the driving experience. The device can be seamlessly integrated into the car's entertainment system and enables the integration of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. The CarPlay screen connects to your smartphone, allowing you to access your favorite apps, make calls, send messages and navigate while keeping your eyes on the road. The user interface and the Touch controls ensure a user-friendly and safe driving experience. thanks to the high-resolution displays It delivers good images and razor-sharp graphics that bring every detail to life.

7-inch wireless CarPlay

Whether listening to your favorite music, following navigation instructions or dictating messages - the Clarity and precision is exemplary. Installation is also child's play, as the CarPlay screen is designed to be seamlessly integrated into the car's dashboard. The adjustable mounting bracket ensures a good fit for different cars. The CarPlay screen is also on longevity designed to withstand daily demands and work reliably over a period of time. Be slim and modern design adds a touch of elegance to the car's interior and improves both its appearance and functionality.

Live GPS navigation

By connecting the smartphone to the portable Apple CarPlay screen is instant access Live map information possible. And you always have the latest ones GPS data to disposal, without that firmware upgrades are required. This makes driving less stressful. traffic jams can be avoided, gas stations nearby are easily found and countless other functions increase this even further. Installing the CARABC Apple CarPlay display is easy thanks to the included Suction cup mount and the self-adhesive holder is particularly easy.

Easy installation, plug and play

It can be easily attached to the dashboard or windshield and removed when needed. Powered by the cigarette lighter with a voltage range of 12 to 36V the screen runs in every vehicle. And the portable one Dual DIN car radio Apple CarPlay mount can be easily rotated to the desired angle. With Apple AirPlay Mirroring The phone can be easily connected to the CarPlay screen via WiFi to mirror favorite apps, photos and videos. Ideal for mirroring films. All in all, a very cool piece for currently just under 70 EUR Shopping cart icon. With our voucher (tuningblog.eu10%) even cheaper.

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