70mai new 4K dashcam A810 with night mode and GPS!

We were able to try something out again. The 70mai A810 is a 4K dashcam, which comes with a wealth of features that are interesting for both everyday drivers and technology fans. You notice it right after unpacking high quality the camera and accessories. These are included in the scope of delivery Front and rear module, various cables and adapters for the power supply, one Retaining plate, Adhesive films for fastening as well as a 128 GB SD card contain. A practical tool for hiding the cables completes the package. Plus we still have this Hardwire kit received, which we did not install.

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Installing the dashcam is pleasantly uncomplicated and takes time 30 minutes and 1 hour claimed. The ones supplied adhesive pads hold securely and firmly, which makes the process much easier. The only disadvantage: there is only one set of adhesive pads included, which... Change between vehicles more difficult. Here you have to use the hardware store and be a little inventive. Once installed, it delivers 70mai A810 optimal functions in our tests. Thanks to the integrated GPS, not only the... Speed ​​and coordinates recorded, but it also enables route tracking via the 70may app.

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The app is compatible with iOS and Android and has an intuitive user interface that allows you to do many things Settings make, live images view and access saved recordings. In our opinion, the video quality is excellent both front and back. True 4K recordings familiar with the MaiColor Vivid+ Solution technology ensure clear and color-accurate images under different lighting conditions. Particularly noteworthy is this Night Owl Vision, which ensures good recordings even at night. And the Dual HDR function also contributes to image quality, especially when taking photos at dusk or in direct backlight.

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The dash cam has one for long-term recordings, such as in parking mode AI-controlled motion detection, which detects suspicious activity and starts recording automatically. However, this only works with the additionally available one mentioned at the beginning Hardwire kit, And the Time lapse function is another addition that allows hours of recordings to be played back compressed and at the same time to save storage space. loop recording ensures that storage space is used efficiently by storing older, unmarked videos overwritten as soon as the SD card reaches its capacity limit.

By the way, it is recommended microSD cards with at least U3 (UHS-3) standard to ensure the best performance. In summary it can be said that the 70mai A810 is a high-quality dash cam that impresses with its extensive functions and very good image quality. It is ideal for those who are looking for not just a simple dashcam, but a modern one Surveillance system for the vehicle. In our short test convinced them with the good workmanship, the easy installation and the neat pictures. The hardware kit is included Price at around 330 EUR.

Hardwire kit70mai 4K Dashcam A810

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