License plate in carbon look - is that allowed?

License plate carbon look 1 License plate in carbon look is that allowed?


If you want to buy a new license plate, you can also use an unusual alternative to stand out a little from the crowd. There are inexpensive aluminum license plates available in stores, which can be used as an alternative to the expensive 3D license plates with a carbon look. The license plates are not only made of weather-resistant material, but also offer the sporty, elegant carbon look of the expensive 3D license plates. The characteristics and advantages of the alternative are discussed in more detail below.

License plate - why carbon look?

The carbon look is often only sold in connection with expensive 3D license plates and at the same time represents an alternative to the black 3D plastic license plates. The vehicle license plates with 3D letters were developed due to their high durability and good visibility and have been selling well ever since , There is nothing to complain about, but they are very expensive. And it makes little difference whether the other alternatives are in black (often high gloss piano lacquer) or in matt black. The price is always high! But even a conventional "tin sign" can be equipped with a carbon look and is therefore a stylish alternative to plastic letters. And besides the license plates in carbon look there are also the matching ones under license plates often available in the sporty style. The car enthusiast and tuning enthusiast can customize the look of the license plate and license plate holder for his car.

What materials are they made of?

License plate carbon look 1 License plate in carbon look is that allowed?

The license plates, the 3D variant, are made of plastic. The applied letters are also made of plastic. Alternatively, there is also the classic metal sign made of light aluminum. This variant can also be equipped with carbon-look foiling, making it a successful alternative to the plastic variant. In the variant with a carbon look print, the characters are produced in a conventional manner using the hot stamping process. The sign itself is stuck with the prescribed reflective foil including carbon look letters and the corresponding numbers and letters are pressed into the finished blank. When buying such a carbon license plate, the buyer should definitely pay attention to an officially approved variant. The Carbon Plate should be of high quality. Aluminum as the base material is weatherproof and durable. The same applies to carbon foiling. It too must be of high quality and professionally applied.

Are labels with a carbon look allowed?

License plate carbon look 2 License plate in carbon look is that allowed?

If you are not sure whether the license plate in carbon look is officially allowed, you should ask for advice in experienced tuning workshops or at a test organization. But we know that 3D signs in carbon look are accepted almost without exception by the registration offices. Sometimes, however, it depends on the admissions office. It is important that the manufacturer states that all requirements are met in accordance with §10 FZV. FZV stands for Admission regulation, Manufacturers also offer to include informational letters that contain certificates and DIN numbers for the approval bodies and that are then delivered with the license plates. Nevertheless, it can happen that the official approval is not granted, even though a so-called DIN CERTCO certificate is available. There are approval bodies that do not seal these marks. If the license plate in the carbon look is not permitted, then the vehicle with the license plate may not be driven on the road. Before buying such a license plate, you should therefore ask the registration office whether the license plate can be approved. It is also advisable to visit an experienced tuning workshop and ask there for experience with the approval of license plates in a carbon look. If the number plates are not permitted, a commercially available number plate can be used.

License plate in carbon look - conclusion

License plates in carbon look and holders for license plates in carbon look are commercially available and form a stylish alternative to conventional license plates. Before buying, you should still ask about the license plate approval option. In any case, it should be pointed out that carbon plates, if they were manufactured in compliance with the regulations, are a legally officially approved variant.

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License plate in carbon look is that allowed?

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  1. It is said here that the 3D license plates are "expensive"…. But to be honest: for good quality, with which my car number does not flake off because the letters are finished to a high quality, I like to pay a little more than for ugly plate numbers with strange carbon foil. The 3D license plates look a lot more ... but if you are into cheap ... you will probably use sheet metal 😀

  2. “But we know that 3D signs with a carbon look are accepted by the approval authorities almost without exception. Sometimes, however, it depends on the admission office. "

    This statement is not true: 3D license plates in carbon optics (whether glossy or matt) MUST be sealed in all registration offices, since they meet all the admission requirements. If an approval body is reluctant to do so, the manufacturer (3D-Kennzeichen GmbH) always ensures that the approval body staff are instructed and the signs are sealed. So far, since the official approval in October 2018, ALL 3D license plates with carbon optic finishing have been sealed without restriction. Exceptions are only possible for license plates that were not manufactured according to the vehicle registration regulations at the customer's request. However, this is not in the hands of the manufacturer, but rather the responsibility of the customer if they want their signs to be explicitly different from the norm.

    Sometimes the presentation of the certificates is necessary but generally all 3D labels are sealed in carbon optics.

    • "Sometimes, however, something depends on the admission office." -> "This statement is not true:" Unfortunately, this statement is also incorrect. With us in “Wetzlar” I failed last year because of the approval. The lady only sealed the carbon license plates for me "after" the phone call with a manager.

      So the statement: "Sometimes it depends on the admission office." Is not really wrong, because if I hadn't insisted on the call, I would have evaporated there "without admission". Even if there was “no legal basis” for rejecting it. So it still depends on the admission office.

      • Dear Mia,
        the approval office employees are then simply not trained, but the manufacturer generally points out that if there are approval problems (due to the lack of knowledge of the local employees) they can be contacted and they will then take care of it…. Nowadays it is by the way no problem to pull out a cell phone as soon as you reach your limits, if the manufacturer already offers this service….
        And you can certainly expect so much assertiveness from adults who authorize a car and order signs online that you don't have to "steam off" at the first objection from the authorities (due to ignorance) 😉

        • I have to agree with Tina…. Officials staff often play god and want to forbid things that are actually allowed ... Therefore: Open your mouth and you're done ^^ what is allowed is allowed.

  3. Thanks for the post on carbon license plates. My brother decided on an individual license plate from an online shop and had also considered having this manufactured in a carbon look. Good to know that you should ask for license plate approval before buying.

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