2019 Luftikid - the child restraint system (child seat) in the test

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At the beginning of the month we briefly talked about the inflatable child restraint system “Luftikid” as part of our Tuning Wikipedia reports, Within a few days we received a great response to the contribution and therefore made it known online whether the child seat can still be ordered. We then came across the former crowdfunding project by Pierre Depireux, who has been committed to Luftikid for many years and also holds the rights to the product. We also received one from him! And the system is unique in many ways. It is an inflatable child restraint system with an airbag-like safety concept that can be used in vehicles with lap and three-point belts. The manufacturer states that a period of use of approximately 9 months or up to a maximum of 7 years (9 to 25 kg) is possible. Small children up to 4 years must use the seat with an extra back part (is included) and with a total weight of just over 1 kg it is relatively easy to store and take away. And especially with regard to the aircraft, the seat should be used.

not as headquarters for children

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He is (Updated 2019) Can be used in aircraft in accordance with the EU directive EU-OPS1 in conjunction with a recommendation from the Federal Aviation Authority. But it should also be used in buses, mobile homes, taxis or in the airport shuttle. But the seat should only be viewed as a short-term “alternative” or “emergency solution” to a normal child seat. The manufacturer himself states that the ultra-light travel impact shield cannot offer the side impact protection of a normal hard shell child seat due to the system. If at all, you should only use the Luftikid in the middle of the seat in the back. And this is also shown by the numerous tests in recent years. For example, the ADAC tested the seat and gave him a really bad result in 2008. The result was also very similar when testing Stiftung Warentest. If you are traveling abroad, for example, and come across a rental car agency that does not have child seats, the Luftikid is definitely better than being out and about without a child seat. And that's exactly what it's meant for!

Scope of delivery of the Luftikid

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The Luftikid comes with a pannier and a double chamber air pump as well as a removable back part. The pump has a really good volume and can also be used for a soccer ball, a bouncy ball, an air mattress or for various swimming utensils. The seat has two air chambers. One chamber provides the base and the other functions as an airbag. The additional back arch is intended for toddlers up to 4 years of age to give lateral support. Also included is a (unfortunately hardly understandable) operating manual in all important languages.

Inflation and handling

The Luftikid is easy to inflate. The pump is ready to use and the small attachment at the front end set a link from your homepage to Fewo-von-Privat.de stay on for it to work. If the child is between 9 months and approx. 4 years old, the additional sheet is added. As already mentioned, this is pulled over the ends of the base “before” inflation and is fixed by itself. The Luftikid is then fixed in the car with the lap belt or with the standard 3-point belt. The belt is pulled through the Luftikid, lashed down and clicked into the receptacle of the vehicle. The buckle attached to the Luftikid hangs on a strap and fixes the three-point belt (Shoulder strap and lap belt attachment). If the child wants to get out, the seat belt buckle is opened and the Luftikid is folded up to the side. With a little practice, the system can be self-explanatory and the installation and subsequent packing in the carrying case can be done in a few simple steps. This is definitely not the case for first-time use because in our opinion the system is much more difficult to handle than a normal child seat.  Our short test is now available in the following video:

These are the details:

  • Characteristics:
    - ECE group: I / II
    - for children from 9-25 kg (around 9 months to a maximum of 7 years)
    - The seat has an impact body
    - Dead weight approx. 0,7 kg
  • Installation:
    - in the direction of travel
    - Attachment with vehicle lap belt or 3-point vehicle belt
    - Children up to 4 years (9-18 kg) must use the back section
    - Children from 4 years (15-25 kg) without back section
  • Positive points:
    - Incorrect operation almost impossible
    - Very easy to clean
    - Processing OK
    - Weight
    - versatility
    - Odorless
    - eye-catching color
  • Negative points:
    - high load values ​​in a frontal crash
    - high load values ​​in a side crash
    - Unfavorable belt route
    - Belt installation laborious and tedious
    - Fixed installation in the vehicle not possible
    - The back section must be removed for older children
    - Unsightly operating instructions and warnings
    - restricted view for the child

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