Exhaust scandal: With these 4 steps you get back your money from VW

exhaust scandal money back tuningblog.eu exhaust scandal: With these 4 steps you get back from VW your money back


Your diesel is cool, but you are angry because VW ripped you off in the exhaust scandal? No question, manipulation software in the engine is annoying because your VW diesel now emits more pollutants and consumes more after the software update. Perhaps you will soon be unable to drive certain routes due to the impending driving bans. And if you want to sell your car, you will notice that cheat diesels have dropped extremely in value.

exhaust scandal money back tuningblog2 exhaust scandal: With these 4 steps you get back from VW your money backThe good news is that you don't have to put up with it. VW must pay compensation. Unfortunately, the company does not do this voluntarily. So you have to complain. Fortunately, this is easier than you think - for example online via the myRight.de platform. There you don't have to worry about possible legal or court fees. MyRight takes care of that. Does that sound good? Then go ahead and type myRight.de in the browser.

Now there are only four steps left until you have your VW compensation in the account.

Step 1: Login

Sure, first of all you have to register, as everywhere. Name, email address and a few details about your diesel are needed. When was it bought, which brand, which model do you drive, and so on. With this information, myRight determines whether you are entitled to VW compensation. The goal is to get the entire purchase price back for you when the car is returned to VW.

Step 2: Upload documents

exhaust scandal money back tuningblog3 exhaust scandal: With these 4 steps you get back from VW your money backAre you entitled to compensation? Great. Then you now need scans of vehicle registration, vehicle registration and leasing, loan or purchase contract and a few other documents. This evidence is needed so that myRight can determine how exact your claim for damages is. Information such as the mileage will be used later, because a compensation for usage may be deducted from the purchase price when calculating your compensation. By signing the so-called assignment agreement (which you will receive by email) you allow myRight to sue on your behalf.

Step 3: Choose a lawsuit

Do you have legal protection insurance? The exhaust gas scandal is a good reason to take advantage of it. Your insurer has to pay you a VW lawsuit. myRight looks for the best contract lawyers and takes care of the procedure. You only have to pay the deductible that the insurance provides for. In the end, you will receive the full VW compensation that the judge awards you.

You have no legal expenses insurance? No problem either. Then the class action from myRight is your thing. Many thousands of claims are brought to justice at once. Here, too, top lawyers take care of your case. Lawyers and court fees are not an issue for you, myRight will cover them. MyRight will then receive a fair success commission of 35% of the gain that will be taken out for you.

Step 4: wait relaxed

Legal proceedings take time. Once you have registered and uploaded the documents, you do not have to do anything else. Relax, look forward to the World Cup and chill a beer. myRight will bring all claims to court in 2018, i.e. in good time before they are time-barred. After that, patience is required, because experience has shown that VW defends itself vigorously and goes through several instances if the group is to pay. In the end, however, once the procedure has been won, you can look forward to a huge plus in your account without having to do anything after uploading all the necessary documents.

myRight tuningblog.eu exhaust scandal: With these 4 steps you get back your money from VW

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