Accident insurance for tuners - a sensible idea or superfluous?

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Accident insurance covers insurance gaps for drivers of cars, scooters and motorbikes according to their individual needs Accident risk .

Do tuners need accident insurance?

Whether tuners need accident insurance depends on their professional and private situation. Whether additional, private insurance makes sense can be clarified by answering the following questions:

• Which danger group is present?
• Are you self-employed?
• In the event of an accident, is the security of supply of other family members at risk?
• Are these optical tuning measures or performance tuning?
• Do you participate in car racing or other high-risk activities?

The more of these questions answered "yes," the more important it is to complete one supplementary accident insurance, so as not to face financial ruin in the event of an accident. Therefore, you can protect yourself from accidents, with comprehensive accident insurance from Friday.

When does car insurance apply to autotuning?

The Car insurance does not work in every case with autotuning. First of all, not every provider allows the insurance of tuning vehicles. Accident costs are only covered if structural changes are made to the vehicle communicated promptly were and a realistic classification in the appropriate danger group took place. Although this increases the insurance premium to be paid, it also offers unconditional protection against personal injury and property damage in the agreed amount.

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In case of doubt, the non-disclosure can lead to the expiration of the approval to lead. If tuning is a proven cause of accidents, the policyholder can even do so subject to recourse will. The car insurance also only pays up to maximum sum insured – which is often not enough in the case of serious personal injury.

How high are the contributions for tuners?

The amount of the contributions is based on which risk group the policyholder is assigned to (A for low risk like housewives, B for high risk like motorcyclists). The services included also influence the amount of the contributions.

What services should tuners insure?

Insurance companies offer tuners a one-time disability benefit in the event of an accident. The prerequisite for compensation is permanent impairment as a result of the consequences of the accident. The legislature assumes this if physical or mental performance is expected to persist for at least three years. The amount of the payment depends on the degree of disability. This influences the percentage of the contractually agreed sum insured, which is paid out to the injured party.

How high is the amount paid out in the event of disability of tuners?

The so-called joint tax regulates the compensation amount depending on the disability:

  • Loss of an arm from the shoulder joint: 70% of the sum insured
  • Hand from joint: 55 %
  • an eye: 50 %
  • unilateral hearing loss: 30 %

For example, if the sum insured is €300.000, this means €150.000 in compensation if you lose an eye. With the right accident insurance, you can protect yourself against accidents.

Which services are important for tuners?

When purchasing insurance you should make sure that too Services how rescue, search and recovery operations are covered. It is also advisable to take on cosmetic corrections in the event of an accident. Also check the conditions of daily hospital (hospital) benefits and compensation in the event of loss of earnings. Attention: Automatic coverage in the event of death only applies in the event of accidental death. To protect the family after an accident, term life insurance is therefore better suited.


  • Depending on the type of tuning activity, accident insurance may be included higher sum insured to be meaningful; for example for motorcyclists or in car races after chip tuning. Insurance experts will advise you on partial benefits that can be covered more cheaply by other insurance companies.

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