2017 - Dashcam allowed as evidence - anchor ROAV DashCam C1


Now the time has come - Dashcam images are definitely evidence! It took a long time, and until a while ago it was legal situation also still unclear, but now it is certain "Images from dashboard cameras may be used to provide evidence after traffic accidents in civil proceedings". The Nuremberg Higher Regional Court determined that by recording during the journey "not in intimate or privacy“Is intervened. This view was recently communicated to the public in a notification (dated August 10.08.2017, 13, Az. 851 U 17/XNUMX) and thus confirmed an already existing judgment of the Regional Court of Regensburg which had rejected a complaint by a motorist AGAINST the use of a dashcam. In the process that was conducted at the time, the Regensburg Regional Court based its judgment on the images from the dashboard camera and was exactly right. After all, civil proceedings are only about the exploitation of important scenes that show the course of the accident and not about their assessment.

This is the basis for the fact that the pictures can be evaluated. It does not matter that in addition to the accident, vehicles from uninvolved people can also be seen. The people in the car are practically invisible and we see it that way and very much welcome this decision! Reason enough that we got such a DashCam, and built it into our editorial vehicle. We decided on the Anchor ROAV DashCam C1. The Anker Roav Dashcam C1 can definitely be described as "cheap" because at € 75,99 it remains well below the € 100 threshold and is therefore almost free of competition in its price range.

News from 15.05.2018 - Dashcams now officially allowed - BGH adjudicates

The C1 delivers perfect pictures in the light and in the dark and we particularly like the very simple operation as well as the large display (2,4 inches) and the compact dimensions (7,2 x 6,2 x 3,8 cm). Although it does not show the speed, it comes with its own app so that you can conveniently access the recordings from your smartphone. Anker would like to market the Smart Home and Connected Car brand under its own name, which is ROAV. The C1 is one of the new products from ROAV and delivers a 1080p resolution at 30fps, an aperture of F1.8 for the night, Night-Hawk technology, 145 degree radius recording, microphone and a low weight of only 127 grams. We were convinced after our tests and would like to take this opportunity to thank ANKER again for sending us the device.

Test video in 1080p with 30 FPS in bad weather

Following the most important details:

  • Anchor Roav Dashcam C1 R21101F1 (Model R2110 Black)
  • the C1 only records when it is connected to the electricity
  • when the engine is started, the recording also starts
  • 60 seconds after switching off the motor, the recording stops automatically
  • Parking mode can be regulated in 3 levels (the camera then records a maximum of 15 videos of 60 seconds each - even without a power connection)
  • Sony Exmor CMOS sensor supports recordings up to 30 FPS (at 1080p)
  • Wide angle lens (can be adjusted manually for the best flashing angle)
  • Operation of the camera on the device via touch buttons or via the free ROAV app (iPhone & Android) - sensitivity, deactivate watermark, video quality, parking monitor, loop video length, WiFi, date, LCD switch-off, language, sounds, reset, format card, Frequency, general information
  • WiFi
  • 2 brackets included

Test video in 720p with 60 FPS


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