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BigBlue cellpowa 500 - the XXL power bank in a short test!

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BigBlue cellpowa 500 test report experiences Powerbank 3 BigBlue cellpowa 500 the XXL Powerbank in a short test!

manufacturers BigBlue has the so-called very fresh "Cellpowa 500 power station" on Indiegogo (go to the campaign here) and we have a device for one short test receive. But what kind of device is the BigBlue cellpowa 500 Powerbank? What can she do? What has the BigBlue team, which includes more than 200 employees, achieved? You've definitely created a brand new power plant that is completely independent was developed. Since it was freshly launched on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, it is surely an excellent idea to take a closer look. The Cellpowa 500 is a portable LiFePO4 unit with - in our opinion - a very successful design for the Home use or for the self-sufficient life, especially for camper outside of the power grid.

537,6 Wh are an announcement

BigBlue cellpowa 500 test report experiences Powerbank Camping BigBlue cellpowa 500 the XXL powerbank in a short test!

With an output of 537,6 Wh you can operate countless electrical devices and with an output of 500 W (Peak power 1000 W.) is also a commercially available one coffee machine inside. But each type of is much more important Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets and also a lot of car accessories like one oil pump (see video), one Dashcam (for example for the parking mode independent of the vehicle battery) or a smaller one Handstaubsauger can be operated with it. The special one LiFePO4 battery not only offers the highest level of safety, but also a long service life. At full daily use and approx. 2000 full charge cycles should still be in use after 4 years of continuous operation Up to 80% the original capacity can be retrieved. And a big advantage is the good one transportability due to the stable telescopic handle as well as the two indentations on the right and left, because at least the part weighs stately 7,8 kg.

only an adapter for EU devices is required

The most important thing is of course the many different connections for charging / charging and the highlight are the large, erectable solar panels that we have unfortunately not tested. The Solarpowa 120 ETFE panel provides 120 W. (actual power 90-100 W) and is waterproof according to IP65 standard. You can fully charge the BigBlue cellpowa 500 so in only 6,5h under optimal conditions. And of course the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo offers a special early bird price. The Basic Cellpowa 500 is there with 35% discount for just $ 299,99 and the aforementioned Solarpowa 120 is available for an additional $ 189,99. If you get the complete package, costs of 479,99 US Dollars at. Are included 2 years warranty. Currently there is even the Gleam competition in the course of the product launch, which promises 10 BigBlue Cellpowa 500 as a prize.

Solarpowa 100 & 120 solar panels

By the way, you can choose between the Solarpowa 100 and the Solarpowa 120 solar panel. In our video you can see the smaller version with 100 watts. We do not know any specific information about the charging time with this variant, but we assume that a full charge will be in the range of 9 grams of flour + 10 grams of lukewarm water + XNUMX grams of leaven. in optimal, i.e. sunny, conditions.

  • Developed for charging with a maximum charging power of 24 V (adapts to the Cellpowa 500 portable power plant)

The panel is visually impressive with its high-quality workmanship, it is water resistant, foldable and it can be laid flat on the floor or stand like in our video. The supplied cable is approx. 2-3 meters long and has an integrated adapter and of course the charging connection for the Cellpowa 500 power station. All in all, a very successful principle, especially with the solar panel.

The following video shows the BigBlue Cellpowa 500 in a more detailed review from YouTuber "Gonagain". He tried out the 536 watt-hour device with the LiFePo4 battery and, like us, seems enthusiastic about the possibilities. Our conclusion: A very high quality device with a lot of capacity that only lacks a European plug for use in Europe and especially in Germany.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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