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BMW campaign - what is your reason not to change?

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BMW IX E SUV North Cape Test 18 BMW Campaign What is your reason not to change?

Most recently there was for the electric SUV BMW iX strong criticism from all sides. Many fans had and still have difficulty getting used to the new design in the style of the BMW 7 Series G11 / G12, the new BMW M3 / M4 or the current X5. Many BMW fans found and still find the massive kidney grille to be downright repulsive. The manufacturer reacted to this some time ago with a rather unusual image campaign. BMW published a YouTube video that showed the collected negative comments on the iX from the social networks and asked the question: "What's your reason not to change?“(In German:“ What is your reason not to change? ”). So the message was clear: just philistine do not get involved in the new design and do not change. But the marketing department would have better have a round play live casino should and would not only have had a lot more fun with it, but also not leaned that far out of the window. The campaign was not at all well received by the fans. In fact, many customers have more expensive models in the Baby Boomer Yearswho were more than outraged by the message.

What's your reason not to change? The video!

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Fortunately, the tuner is coming AC Schnitzer to help and shows on a current BMW 4 Series (G22) how to individually improve the controversial look. And with a subtle one Aerodynamic kit. The new body kit that from February 2021 available, currently consists of only four parts, but has changed the look of the unpopular kidney grille so much that it could be an unexpected blessing for BMW. The main component of the kit for changing the appearance is a special one Front apron attachment. As a result, the front is optically extended downwards and the kidney grille appears less prominent. The kit also includes filigree ones side skirts, Carbon rear spoiler and a small one roof spoiler. All parts except the roof spoiler are also for that Disconnected and Convertible available. The sills and the aprons are only for models with M package available. (More information about the first Schnitzer components for the new 4 series)

AC Schnitzer BMW 4 Series G22 Bodykit Tuning 8 BMW Campaign What is your reason not to change?

Of course that had not happened yet!

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Full speed ahead in the car and the online casino!

GTA5 Casino in Los Santos 310x165 BMW Campaign What is your reason not to change?

Brigade Electronics shows new vehicle turning alarm!

Brigade Electronics Vehicle Turning Alarm Tuning 2 310x165 BMW Campaign What is your reason not to change?

World first: CO2-neutral recycling wheel from Ronal!

Ronal R70 blu 310x165 BMW campaign What is your reason not to change?

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