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Borla Sport Exhausts: Sound like Heaven, Go like Hell!

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Borla Sport Exhausts: Sound like Heaven, Go like Hell!


Borla's story begins in 1978 when Alex and Alyse Borla started designing and manufacturing aftermarket exhaust systems for vehicles such as Rolls-Royce and Ferrari. They were the first to offer a combination of complete, bolted, high performance exhaust systems made with aerospace engineering materials and tube technology that offered a lifetime warranty. Over four decades, over 200 companies have tried to copy this business model. Through constant innovation and continuous improvement, Borla has maintained its position as a leading company in the design and manufacture of high-performance sports exhaust systems for road, off-road and racing vehicles. The Borla family currently holds several global patents for innovative exhaust system technologies and the company has won numerous "Best New Product" awards in the industry over many decades. Borla Performance products are unique in many ways.

Exhaust systems built by hand

Borla Sport Exhausts: Sound like Heaven, Go like Hell!

Each Borla exhaust system comes with an individual silencer solution that is precisely matched to the specific frequency spectrum. While this may seem common, almost all other aftermarket exhaust system manufacturers use the same group of universal silencers for all of their exhaust systems without having to adjust to individual applications. Be it a performance exhaust system for a Mustang, Camaro, Corvette, Porsche, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Jeep, F-150, RAM, Subaru, Mini Cooper, Challenger, Charger, Toyota, Kia, Infiniti, Nissan, Honda or one other manufacturer. Borla muffler technology is always tailored to the year of manufacture, make and model of the vehicle. The result of the Borla silencer is a perfect soundscape in every speed range, without disturbing frequencies / background noise occurring inside or outside the vehicle. So that there is something for every taste, Borla has many different sound levels in stock for one and the same vehicle (year of manufacture, brand and model) which, from aggressive to quiet whisper, bring the right soundscape to the vehicle depending on taste.

always made of stainless steel

Borla Sport Exhausts: Sound like Heaven, Go like Hell!

Even better, Borla achieves perfect sound quality including the integrated continuous tubes that are 100% in one piece. This means that the exhaust gas flow is always maximized and therefore performance is not affected. Every BORLA exhaust system is made of high quality / rustproof austenitic series stainless steel manufactured. Perfectly curved pipes, a completely welded construction, precise fit and easy installation are always guaranteed. Everything to guarantee the best performance and durability. Borla exhaust systems are hand-made in the USA and have a guarantee of 1 million miles. Borla exhaust systems offer maximum performance and maximum torque without roaring or other annoying noises in any speed range. Different soundscapes are available to choose from: There are ATAK, S-Type and Touring types that guarantee the desired exhaust sound. In the following video (with German subtitles) you will find a detailed explanation and a comparison of the different sound patterns with a production vehicle. Borla's ATAK and S-Type system for the 2018+ Ford Mustang GT (with active exhaust), including the “Polyphonic Harmonizer Technology” from Borla.

Borla also strives to offer products that meet the strict noise regulations in Europe. With the 2018+ Mustang GT, which will be available soon, you can expect an even larger selection of homologated exhaust systems from Borla in the future!

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