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Exactly four weeks ago it is now that we at our VW Phaeton means Foliatec brake caliper for more style in terms of the braking system. The brake system should also be adapted to the well-groomed appearance of the vehicle and not indulge in its weathered look. At the same time, we pointed out that we were looking for a set individual caliper stickers have ordered for the front axle to give the brake caliper a very own style for painting. In addition, we thought about the idea with a little bit of self-promotion. For us, the heat-resistant caliper stickers are included our logo the Non plus ultra on the painted brake calipers and quasi the crowning glory to the brake caliper tutorial. The effort is more than manageable and the visual effect is just great as we find it.

Custom caliper stickers tuningblog test experiences 7 detail work Customized brake caliper stickers

Of course, we could have applied the caliper stickers directly after painting and drying out the Foliatec paint, but unfortunately they were not available at the time. But the wait was worth it because the stickers are particularly heat-resistant and withstand the pressure of the car wash without any problems. An important criterion! And it is also important that the brake caliper stickers are weatherproof and UV-resistant so that they do not fade or even dissolve after the first winter or in regular sunlight. The brake caliper stickers are made of special foils and Made in Germany and even rim cleaner cannot harm them. The film is also particularly elastic, which ensures that the stickers can be easily attached and not be disturbed by small bumps.

Custom caliper stickers tuningblog test experiences 8 detail work Customized brake caliper stickers

Most of the suppliers of these stickers offer the possibility to design your own individual stickers. Alternatively, you can choose from a repertoire of existing emblems, lettering, colors and sizes. Of course, you should always keep in mind that designations such as AMG, M, RS and of course the manufacturers such as VW, BMW, Mercedes etc. are protected and cannot simply be copied and applied. The same applies to manufacturers of braking systems such as Brembo, AP-Racing & Co.

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  1. The matching brake caliper stickers are the ultimate in the new painted brake calipers. The effect is great. Brake caliper stickers are available in our shop.

    Stand out with stylish caliper stickers

    The brake caliper stickers can be stuck on immediately after the brake calipers have been painted and dried. The brake caliper stickers are heat-resistant and can withstand car washes. In addition, the brake caliper stickers are weather and UV resistant. You can stick on your own text, such as the brand of your car. It looks really cool and sporty afterwards. You can really upgrade your vehicle with a brake caliper sticker. Of course there are also different colors so that you can see the contrast and the writing on the brake caliper. The brake caliper stickers look best when you stick the logo of the brand of your car on. Brake caliper stickers are made from special foils. These are precisely cut out using the latest technology. Since the film is elastic, the brake caliper stickers can also be attached very easily, and at the same time they can be removed without leaving any residue. Attaching the brake caliper sticker is easy, we use a transfer film which is then removed. Have fun buying your new brake caliper sticker!

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