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Order license plates online – what should you pay attention to?

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The license plate is an indispensable element of a vehicle that is used on public roads. It is used for identification and enables the authorities to assign the vehicle to an owner. Selecting a custom license plate is seen by many as a way to express their personality or interests. And thanks to digitization, it's now possible to get license plates from the comfort of your own home to order online. But what should you pay attention to and what information is important? In this article you will learn everything about the topic "Order license plates online".

Selection of the provider

Before you start the ordering process, you should look for a reputable and reliable supplier. Read reviews and ratings from other customers to get an impression of the quality of the provider. Make sure that the seller meets the legal requirements and maybe even has a test mark from the MPA (Material testing institute for materials and production technology) or other official organizations. A "Trusted Shops" seal and various payment methods such as "PayPal", "Klarna" & Co. are also indicators of a reputable provider.

Tip: A number plate online shop must be certified by DIN Certco so that the number plates can be approved by the registration office.

Select license plate type and size

There are different types of license plates that you can order online. These include the normal Euro license plate, the seasonal license plate, the H license plate for classic cars, the green license plate for tax-exempt vehicles or the electric license plate. Select the appropriate license plate type for your vehicle.

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Also make sure the license plate is the right size. The standard size for license plates is 520 x 110 mm. However, the dimensions may vary for motorcycles, trailers and other types of vehicles. Make sure the number plate you choose matches the vehicle.

Reserve your desired license plate

If you want a custom license plate, you should get this one Before ordering reserve at your responsible registration office. Most registration offices offer an online reservation where you can enter your desired combination of letters and numbers. Please note that there are additional fees for reserving the number plate.

License plate check requirements

Ordering Process

After you have found the provider you want and selected the right number plate, you can start the ordering process. Enter the desired combination of letters and numbers and check that everything is correct. If it should be a seasonal number plate, an E number plate or another "special" number plate, then pay attention to this when ordering. Also, when placing your order, make sure that your address and payment information is correct to avoid any delays in delivery.

Shipping and delivery time

The delivery time for license plates ordered online varies depending on the provider. The delivery time is usually between 2 and 5 working days. However, if you need your license plate urgently, you should choose a provider that offers express delivery. However, please note that this service may incur additional costs.

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In addition to the actual license plate, you should also think about purchasing a suitable license plate holder. This ensures that the license plate is securely and stably attached to the vehicle. Many suppliers of license plates that can be ordered online offer license plate holders directly, so you can get everything from a single source. Make sure that the holder fits your vehicle and the number plate you ordered. Methods using Velcro or magnets are recommended, but of course also classic fastening methods using conventional standard holders.

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Installation of the license plate

After you have received your number plate and the appropriate holder, you can carry out the installation on the vehicle for a first "fitting test". The attachment does not necessarily have to be carried out by a specialist workshop, but you have to make sure that the license plate is properly attached. So if you decide to mount the license plate yourself, follow the manufacturer's instructions and use the right tools. Everything fits? Then remove the number plate and register the vehicle.

Registration of the vehicle

You can now register your vehicle with the number plate ordered online and the corresponding reservation confirmation from the registration office. This requires an appointment with the registration office, where you must present all other necessary documents in addition to the license plate. After successful registration, you can use your vehicle with the new license plate on the road.

And finally ...

Ordering license plates online is a convenient and time-saving alternative to the conventional route through the registration office. Make sure you choose a reputable provider, reserve the right license plate type and size, your desired license plate and carry out the assembly correctly. With our tips, nothing stands in the way of the uncomplicated ordering process and the successful registration of the vehicle.

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