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Accident wagon yes od. No? The car paint tester PRO provides certainty

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autolacktester accident wagon yes od. no? The car paint tester PRO provides certainty


It reveals paint defects and prevents nasty surprises - Ernst Haible Automobile has "The Autolack-Tester PRO". The tester enables paint film thickness to be determined in next to no time, reliably reveals paint defects and thus prevents nasty surprises. It's hard to believe, but almost every third vehicle in the used car trade has had to undergo a paint repair. But hardly anyone points out this fact. Often such "cosmetic corrections" have an accident damage as a background. Additional layers of paint, which were applied as a result of accident repairs, for example, impair the elasticity, adhesion and also the resistance of the paint. In addition, they often tend to crack and crumble the paint. This is exactly why, as a prospective buyer, you should take a close look at the paintwork of your dream vehicle. If you want to get this done quickly, the car paint tester is the perfect “sniffer dog”!

It has the format of a thick pen and can check in a few simple steps whether:

  • it is the original paint
  • the car is filled and / or repainted
  • the paint layer is too thin, for example because too much was polished

A magnet is integrated in the car paint tester, which develops different levels of adhesive force when it is placed on the vehicle body, depending on the paint or filler layer. Based on these adhesive forces, the thickness of the lacquer and filler layer can be determined in μm (micrometers) and this from 0 to 750 μm. The accuracy of the paint tester is shown by the measuring accuracy of up to 25 μm! The result can then be read on a clearly structured 10-point color scale.

The scale makes interpretation of the measurement result child's play, even for the layperson:

  • blue Measuring field: paint layer thickness up to 100 μm → paint layer is too thin
  • green Measuring field: paint layer thickness 100 to 200 μm → original paint layer
  • yellow Measuring field: paint layer thickness 200 to 300 μm → The original paint was repainted
  • red Measuring field: paint layer thickness 300-600 μm → thin filler layer and repainted
  • black Measuring field: paint layer thickness 600-750 μm → thick filler layer and repainted

Can the tester stop at all? A clear sign of this is that there was a lot of filling. Incidentally, the tester has no function on aluminum and plastic parts. Another advantage is the fact that the car paint tester works purely mechanically. The lack of electrical or electronic components makes it ready for use anytime and anywhere. Be on the safe side, treat yourself to the car paint tester at a narrow price of € 29 and be protected from unpleasant surprises. A small investment that can avoid substantial follow-up costs!

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