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Detailverliebt: Carbon License plate of 3D license plate in the test

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3D license plate CARBONOPTIK Tuning 2018 5 e1541850747623 Attention to detail: Carbon license plate number of 3D license plate


"Again," you ask yourself now !? Yes, we already have the approved 3D number plates from 3D license plates in the summer of this year tried out and the characteristics as well as the production of the signs in one separate story explained, And why now again? Now the visible carbon version announced at the time (Water transfer printing finished + piano finish sealer) fully approved (more information) and this brings a real highlight to the car! The cool letters in carbon look, which is particularly popular in the tuning scene, now provide a very legal custom look on the component that looks boring in every vehicle.

the comparison again in detail

DIN tested 2M11403 / 11 - 3D mark

3D license plate CARBONOPTIK Tuning 2018 8 Detailverliebt: Carbon license plate of 3D license plate in the test

The carbon version now also officially fulfills the legal requirements according to §10 FZV (Vehicle Registration Regulation). If your registration office is still skeptical, 3D-Kennzeichen will supply an information letter for the registration office with details of the DIN numbers and the associated certificates.


Please have the license plates sealed first! If you want to use the Easy Fix holder to attach the number plates, then it is necessary to cover the back of the number plates with the fleece of the Easy Fix holder. This fleece then naturally hides the DIN embossing. However, the visibility of the embossing is indispensable when the license plates are sealed. So first seal, then glue!

3D license plate CARBONOPTIK Tuning 2018 13 e1541852683861 Attention to detail: Carbon license plate number of 3D license plate
soft velcro glued on both license plates

How can you convert to 3D? Simply bring the old and 3D license plates to the registration office and schedule a fee of around 6 euros. In the registration office, the seals of the old signs are then removed and the 3D license plates are given new badges. If you want to equip your new car with 3D license plates, you should reserve the license plate of your choice in advance and wait for confirmation. If this is available, you can order the signs from 3D license plates.

The result is impressive

and on the next page is the tutorial

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